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Crazy S Farms Boer Goats/Creations By Country Mom's Photography

Shenandoah Valley Boer Goat Sale

Shenandoah Valley Boer Goat Sale
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Creations by Jill now on Facebook new name Creations By Country Mom's Photography

You can find a few of our kids in the sale

Shenandoah Valley Boer Goat Sale
  11th Annual Boer Goat Sale
          March 28,2015

Tentative Schedule of Events
10:00:  Viewing of goats and vendors
12:00:  Complimentary lunch
1:00:  Sale of approximately 100 registered boer goats
and 10 kiko cross commercial does
by auctioneer Jeff Showalter

This sale is brought to you by the following local breeders:

(SNB) Sarah and Kathy Leininger of Sarah's Naughty Boers
(DRBG) Glenn See of Daphna Road Boer Goats
(KRCRF) Kevin and Deidre Redifer of Cedar Run Farm
(HBGF) Jeremy and Dona Hansen of Hansen Boer Goat Farm
(DAD) Brad and Jill Showalter of Crazy S Farm
(BBRF) Michael and Emily Witmer of Bluebird Ridge Farm

and guest consignors:

Allison Miller of Slate Hill Boer Goats
(TFBB) Susan and Frank Burner of TFB Boer Goats
(LADYL) Robbin Lloyd of Lady L Farms
(BOM) Lance and Alisa Gladstone of Bent Oak Manor Boer Goats
(VVF) Darby-Rose and Trip Patterson of Valley View Boer Goats
(JRRF) Charles and Susan Johnson of Johnson's Rocky Ridge Boer Goats
(BF) Deborah Funkhouser of Ol' Broken Farm
(DWP) Jenny Pugh-Combs, Dave and Susan Pugh of Oak Grove Farm
(JSJ) Jeff Showalter of Cedar Grove Farm

For more information, call (540) 818-8578, (540) 478-4609 or email