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As of this week being 2/9/10 our male is no longer with us
go to this page to see the past kittens -
Here is emails I got back with in one hour of sending out messages of what had happen, thank all of you for staying in touch and letting us know how your kittens were doing.
I am SO sorry to hear about your male siamese. What in the world happened?
Pye Pye and Chu Chu are doing great! I still need to send you pictures of them as they've grown so much. They are beautiful!!! Pye Pye goes to sleep with Tristan, but then comes into the room with Scot and me and joins Chu Chu. They are such fun loving kitties.
I promise to send pics soon.
Take care,
  If its not to hard to say what happen to Mika? He was Bryce's daddy he was a beautiful cat. We are so sorry to hear the new about Mika. I know your family will surely miss him. He was a member of your family and a belovet pet. Our computer is down so Scott called me yesterday and told me the sad,sad,sad, news.
                                                                                                                 Take Care
Sorry to hear about your male Siamese.  We have her name is Precioustoo from your litter about two years old. She is very sweet and a big cat.  We are interested in getting another kitten and also have a friend who wants one. Please let me know about either your mother's or your expected litter.
So sorry about Mika
Jill I am so sorry and am personally saddened by your loss if you dont mind me prying do you know what happened to him with love        Carrie

i am so so sorry.  our jazzy was one of your mom's litters by your male and she is such a mess!  we love her to death and are so sorry for your loss.  please stay in touch
So sad!  This was Brownie & Patch's father? What happened?
Oh Jill,
I am so, so, sorry to hear this news.  You must be devastated.  I was actually just thinking about you this morning, that I have some new pics of Koko to send you.  He is the sweetest, best little guy and I am so glad I got him from you.  I am just shocked and saddened to hear your news and just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you.

Take care,



How did Miki pass away?  Sorry for your loss.


This is Chris and Tim… we took 3 kittens from you about 9 months or so ago.


Here is a sweet letter from a past kitten to share the joy of our kittens, I will be adding a few more litters, again we strive to only raise the most sweet bunnies or kittens.
Hi Jill,
 I tried sending updates before, but they always came back to me.  I think
I can only put so many pictures on each e-mail.  It has taken me quite a while
to figure that out.  My parents absolutely adore her.  They were thrilled when we
gave her to them.   Mom likes to call her CoCo PUFF or The PUFF. Right now she is in
Florence, Arizona with mom and dad.  She will also be a very well traveled cat by
the time they get back.  She has been to Maryland on a short weekend trip a couple
months after they got her.  This trip she has been through around a dozen states already
and probably a few more by the time they get back.  Of all the cats we have ever had, this one
is the most  spoiled, pampered and enjoyed.  She has all sorts of toys, her favorites are ping
pong balls, paper balls, and a little beach ball. She has at least one human servant to fetch
them from under couches and coffee tables etc.  She has a special woolen shawl from
Ecuador that has now become her favorite comfy spot (and a basket it goes in with a baby blanket). 
 She gets fed a little bit of canned food twice a day, with crunchies whenever she wants.  
Oh the list goes on and on. I can tell you she is the ultimate indoor cat.  The little bit she has
been let outside (on leash and harness, which at first she really seemed to hate) she doesn't like
 the weather if it is anything but pretty and sunny.  Wind, rain, snow and you can tell she is very
unhappy.  Mom tells me she really likes to sit in the window or on the steps of the motor home
and watch the birds.  A neighbor on the next spot has hung bird houses and feeders. She will do it
for hours. So, all in all they are all really having a blast, and she travels really well, she curls up
on her shawls between their seats when they are driving.  They will be back about middle to end of
April I guess, and there should be more pictures then.  I'll try to let you know.
Hi Jill,
I just thought I would give you and Joann an update on our spoiled little princess, and she is indeed still pretty little, she only wieghs a barely 5 pounds.  She has now been to Arizona and back last winter, and now to Alaska and back this summer.  My parents enjoy taking her with them and spoil her to no end.  She has her own little blanket, she has sweaters she wears when she is cold, she has all the balls and toys she could want lying around everywhere, and the list goes on and on.  With 4 grown children, I guess I can't really blame my parents for spoiling her.  They each have their own routine with her.  She likes to greet my dad when he gets up and when he goes to bed.  It is a pet and play session for a few minutes.  Mom is of course the one she spends the most time with, and her favorite is curling up with mom, either beside her or in her lap during the mid afternoon when mom has settled down to read or work on her computer.  All in all they thoroughly enjoy her.  I am going to try to send a couple of pictures of her two big trips.
Here is a email I got from my recent litter for the year, I love hearing back from people-he wanted to write a letter for this site but i couldnt resist using this email since it was so nice.
Hi Jill!
   Great to hear from you!   :) 
They are doing so great!  They are happy and healthy and running around and seem to be really close to each other!
We will download some videos or put them up on youtube or something so you can see them.  
The Girl we decided to name Jasmine because she is such a beautiful little girl and so sweet!
The one Boy that was the "runt" of the litter, we named Mojito (pronounced MO-HEE-TO) because like Chris' favorite
drink, he's just as sweet as can be and you can't seem to get enough!
The other Boy, we named Dodger because of the three, he is much more cautious and when you come into the room,
he sort of "dodges" out of the way for a few moments until he determines it's cool, then he joins in playing with his brother and sister!
We can't thank you enough for the wonderful care and "upbringing" they've had.  We are thrilled and delighted everyday with their antics and  they are just so incredibly sweet and loving.   Anyone that comes and sees them, threatens to "catnap" them and take them home, they are just loved by everybody! 
We are going to write up a nice letter for your website (maybe this weekend!) for you to use.   I hope Dillon is feeling all better and that the Goats have stabilized for you and that things may calm down a bit!    :)
another email i got back regarding a little tiny kitten who was the smallest of 7 which was one big litter
Jill -
I have been waiting to have a picture to send before I wrote, but I realize I am not going to get one uploaded any time soon. I wanted to let you know that Sadie is settling in well. She and the other cat were friends from the moment they saw each other - no moment of fear or anything. On the other hand, our large Godlen Retriever was super-scared of her which we found hilarious given that she was the size of one paw at the time. Sadie was only scared when he moved fast. They like each other now.
She's small and skinny -- not too skinny but not yet 4 pounds either -- and her markings are quite dark now.  She is everything we hoped for  - a purring, affectionate creature who likes to sleep with the children at night and who lets them caryy her around by day. Our only complaint is that she tries to wash our faces with her little sandpaper tongue. The children delight in seeing how long they can stand it.
xxHappy Mother's Day!

 feel free to leave a comment on any of the pics,always nice to meet new friends

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