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Crazy S Farms Boer Goats/Creations By Country Mom's Photography

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Creations by Jill now on Facebook new name Creations By Country Mom's Photography

click on the link above to see the pics more to come
Each page has different pictures so be sure to check all of them as well as our home page

By clicking the link above you will find our boer goats.Please click link for different pics other then on our doe and buck page it will have some of the babies on there. Each page has different pictures.



above is just a link you can click to see just candid shots taken by my kids out at the barn,I will be adding our Buck and Doe page this week.
FOR 2013
Crazy S Farms located in Broadway VA colors ranging in traditional,paint,and for polka dotted. I will be adding soon some of the bloodlines and all the pics of our herd.Pleased with this years babies.
Look for pics babies born  in 2012 on kid pages towards the end of it. We will have more babies due anytime, so please just keep checking back.
All of our goats are kid friendly as well, I cant keep the kids away from babying all of them ;)

Some of the lines are listed just as a sample of whats on their papers 
MVR1 ESB PISTOLANNIE 100%-ABGA AND USBGA reg. some of the lines with rlp bull city buckwheat, Powell/Holman Casey, Eggspensive,top gun 2,nggc tank, cnr pistolero all ennobled, with few other good lines
MVR CHRISTY 100%-ABGA AND USBGA reg. line with RLP bull city, powell/holman ears,nggc tank, cnr pistolero,eggsknight,2sis 324m am all ennobled with other good lines as well
DR BG RUBY75%- with bbrf stinger,nsa's master amaston,lsjm tcf turbo, bgr's Riley *E*as some of the lines others are miss league black magic, hills country tango,hershey's carbon black
MAYBELL 100%- with lines inclueding lady uboralta, concho lines,ubora,dsm cloud dancing all ennobled with some other great lines as well
JT FARM MANTIO 100%- lines with concho,tabu,sasquatch, 2sis tamu all ennobled with other great lines
some of the lines from our other does inclue eggs eggsfile, powell/holman rascal,david's hurrican storm, turbo charge,eggspence account, downen n24,dow pipeline,powell/holman 2sis glipse III, 2 sis 324M,eggsknight all ennobled lines in some of them as well.
Riverdal boer goats 129 75%- mc watts dancing bear,dsm bear,agbg gateridge turbo charge,abgb gateridge aduwa force, abgb gateridge catalyst,bbrfr106
snt1 y24 jack's charity- 100% downen classy jack,dow m61*ennob*m dow pipeline *ennob*,downen sa vcr e53,powell/holman bingos class act,down t34 classy girl,downen n6,dr.pepper,nama blitz*enn* to name a few
Crazy S Farm Tessa- 100% glaxy's0168,storm,cnr pistolero*enn*,downen n24*enn*,downen smokey bear,to name a few
crazy s farm diamond- 100% pine hill bear,tri quest charlotte,mzuri mazu,mzuri picabo,four diamond ngozi,nells black jewels,to name some
crazy s farm penut butter-100%-mvr1 esb1 ceorious george, gateridge turbo charge,eggsfile*enn*, fdr44 four diamond sister,dsm gateridge bobbie,mvr1 marley harley,eggspense account*enn*,powell/holman casey*enn*,nggc tank*enn*,cnr pistolero*enn*,rlp bullcity buckwheat*enn*,mvr1 christy to name some
mvr1 Karley Harley-100%- top gun2*enn*,eggsfile*enn*,eggspensive*enn*,plus good many other ennobled in her lines,
crazy s farm vera-75% ceo1s51, eggsfile,turbo charge,mvr1 pistoleigh,bull city buckwheat, all ennobled goats to name a few.
crazy s farm lilly 75% lines inclued dnf vitalik,rowdy mountain goats,eggstreme*enn*,hill country candies best 44,hill country tango 123,nbbg renior*enn*,eggs lida,eggs bias, hershey's carbon black h502,nsa's master amaston,to name some
crazy s farm trubadore-100% out of mantio, and tessa's lines mentioned above
mbgg crazy s farm twilight-100%bpf warriors revenge, bama r17 red cloud,der war paint,rowdy mountains goats as well,to name just a few
crazy s farm windie-75% conco lines,tcf turbo, red butt, trax willie, etc
mbgf crazy s bella- der cotton,eggstreme, agbg gateridge cindee,msf's starfox,thdl ruger
I do need to add others on here as well that are percentages but high 88,97s  check back soon


2009 Rockingham County Fair Winners-
Enter The girls walked away from the fair with the 2009 Grand Champion Fullblood Doe and The Overall Best in Show Boer Goat that was Presented by Riverdale Boer Goats In memory of Garland "Dan" Davis
   Also the Best in Show Open Rabbit winner as well, thank you to all that has helped and the girls could not have been anymore tickled.
2nd Annual Shenandoah Valley Showdown- Desi and her goat Christy got 1st place in both shows on Christy's age divsion.
Rockingham County Fair 2010-the girls can not complain at all we brought back two reserve,three 1st, 5 seconds and 2 thirds so once again another good year.